On the Mat: Inertia

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2019

"Honor the space between no longer and not yet."

--Nancy Levin 


Inertia is the resistance of an object to a change in velocity or speed. We recognize this change as we transition this week from summer to autumn. Even in South Florida, nature gives us little displays of senescence, which is the process of maturation and transition. This is the energetic preparation of conservation and allowing, so we utilize only what is necessary. Our nervous systems have been programmed to respond and accumulate—in the form of overplanning and overthinking. The cycle of nature offers a different way. This week on the mat, stop. Or give yourself permission to stop. Be in the preparatory phase. Breathe through the reprogramming and the transition. We must allow our energy to accumulate in the parameters of still presence, not external action. This life force coils within us in the most primitive way when we are inert enough to contain it. When this power is ready to be utilized, it awakens the understanding we seek—whether this is a new pose, a deep question, or an alternate life-direction. Our practice refines us to be patient and embodied enough for this experience. We turn our attention back to our center and to the source of creative potential. A refocus on what is fundamental to our work—breath, bandha, drishti—results in the dissolution of what is excess and holding us back. This process demonstrates that there is no beginning nor end, but an unfolding awareness that sustains our evolution. Postures and abilities may seem to come and go, but the coming and the going are equally valuable teachings. When we sit in the center of this, inert and patient, we are full of open radiance. In nature and in life, a quick becoming is a quick fading away. Potential and becoming must be in balance, down to the elemental level. The season of watchfulness beckons us.


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