On The Mat: Permeable

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2018

“To live permeably is to be open-hearted and audacious, to risk showing up as our truest self, and embracing a willingness to be astonished.”

          — Carrie Newcomer

When we are out of practice, we become sticky. Like a spider’s web, we grab and entangle everything that comes our way. Every interaction feels highly personal and charged. When we are in this catch phase of life, we are weighty and lumborous.  Yoga offers freedom from the dense entanglement that counteracts life. The yoga practice is the invitation to be permeable. Through asana, pranayama, and meditation, we are available to simply meet what life offers. Without grasping or holding too tightly, we allow our experience to come and go. This is the position of choice, we can allow the circumstance to stay or pass though. We are the gatekeepers of what affects us and what is discarded. When we see through the lens of awe and not with eyes of defense and offense, we are alive with awareness. It is not about suppressing or destroying the ego, but making the ego more permeable. There is a fine line between ego and awareness, and that line is a porous membrane that connects the internal and the external. This week on the mat, offer yourself to the external and the internal. Do not grasp or entangle whatever arises in the body of sensation. Fully feeling our experiences makes us compassionate beings. Our experience is providing the lessons we need to expand and understand. Accept that you are in held space for this work. The boundaries expand and contract to meet you where you are, as you are.


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