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Vinyasa Elements

Add this fun transition to your practice and your teaching, and explore the importance of using large, deliberate movements to access core stability and sense of center. 


Asana Elements 

Skandasana, dedicated to the Lord Karttikeya or the war god, requires a steady awareness of the way we move through space. This is an asana that does not feel accessible to many practitioners, and in this video we break it down together. 


Anatomy Elements 

Shoulder blade rotation is an overlooked fundamental in the way we do asana. It is so overlooked, that most practitioners do the exact opposite of what is required to keep the shoulders safe and functional. This video will help you rethink the shoulders and provides great information to share. 


Vinyasa Elements

When we become unstable and overworked in standing postures such as Warrior I and other lunges, the culprit is a sense of disconnection (not an actual disconnection) at the hip joint. This physical practice key will change the way you connect at the hip to find a sense of ease and capability.